Some of our Client's Birds

"Jeff McLain - Orlando, FL"    
 Soaking up the LOVE! Hello! Don't come ANY closer with that thing!

"Elaine - Lake Mary"

If I stay really still she will never find me up here. Sometimes you feel like a fruit, sometimes you don't.
I'll getcha!

EXCUSE ME, WHERE is my rubber ducky?

"Sandy and Tony - Sorrento, FL"    
"Can you come out and play?"    
"Stephanie Robinson - Kissimmee, FL"    
I look GREAT against White! I'm prettier than ANY of these flowers  I can't spell....
"Larry and Carol, DeLand, FL"    
"Dear Lord, Thank you for all things bestowed upon me .. and Lord, please don't let this bird bite me!  AMEN."


"What are Fruit Loops?"



"Sher - Deltona, FL"

"I see you" "Let's dance"  

"Allan, Kissimmee, FL"

Are you looking at ME? (Paco 22 yrs old)



"Shelly, Palm Coast, FL"

Ain't I PERTY? We LOVE watching Animal Planet!

"Karen & Bill, Ormond Beach, FL"

My favorite perch... I'm ready for some LOVE!

"Cindy Edrington, Orlando, FL"

I just LOVE to snuggle!