We want your birdie business! Mobile Bird Grooming comes to your home to groom, while providing the utmost comfort to your birds. We can do nails, wings, and/or beaks. DNA testing for sex is also available. Reduce stress on you and your birds by having in-home experienced avian grooming. Sanitary practices. All sizes, species, and temperaments (birds, that is!)


Nail Trim $8.00

Wing Trim $8.00

Beak Trim $8.00

Dremel Beak Trim $10.00

(One bird or one service a minimum charge of $22.00 applies). 

Transportation $12.00 local and up.

DNA Sexing $35.00

I have been involved in birds and grooming them for over 18 years. My assistants and I are all bird owners. We groom the bird on a pillow for your bird's comfort. We begin the session with a determination of your bird's nature and your assessment of its behavior regarding hands on contact. We then proceed with the least stressful procedure for optimal grooming and safety with this information in mind. We start by speaking to your bird, addressing it by name, and after toweling, reassure your bird during and after the grooming.

When we groom, we also check for problems with the feet such as impending bumble-foot (caused by concrete perches), and also check keelbones for weight assessment, of course at no extra charge. We offer an evaluation of the bird's diet, toys, and cage at no extra charge upon request. We can often times also offer suggestions for behavioral issues. 

It is advantageous for your birds to be groomed at home insofar as stress control. Usually in less than 5 minutes, they are back to their normal selves. Some birds enjoy being transported, but endure far more stress at being placed in carriers and taken for grooming in a strange environment. Our service provides less stress both on the birds and on the owners.

Please give us a call today with questions or to set up an appointment at
 (407)459-5948        .

Thank you, Paula