Our Staff

Paula Fudge
Paula has eighteen years experience in owning and working with birds. She has worked in a local bird store in addition to many years of bird rescue and rehoming.

Mobile Bird Grooming was started by Paula when she saw the need to provide bird grooming services in a stress-free and comfortable environment for both the birds and their owners. Sanitized tools are always used for the health of your bird while pillows and soft cushions are used for comfort.

Paula has lived in Florida for 30 years and has a son. Her interests include bird rescue, behavioral reconditioning to maintain birds in their home, fishing, and billiards.

Bonnie Charpentier
Bonnie has been a bird enthusiast for many years.  Her depth of experience and love for birds has involved her many aspects of caring for birds from hand-feeding baby birds through rescuing and fostering abused and unwanted birds.  Bonnie and her husband have formed  a home health care agency, "Partners In HealthCare"
www.partnersinhc.com).  In her "free time" Bonnie enjoys sewing and reading and time with her two sons and their families, her dog, and her feathered flock.