Client Testimonials

I have had the pleasure of knowing Paula and Brian for over two years and their Mobile Bird Grooming Service is awesome! Just being able to have someone as knowledgeable and reliable as they are is such a relief and luxury. 

I am a retired veterinarian and have observed Paula and Brian with both my large birds and small birds in many situations(trimming nails,wings,beaks,and visual exams) and they have always shown the utmost care and concern. I feel they have a wonderfully calm and confident manner  when dealing directly with the birds and their owners.They have such a wonderful gift of making all of the people they work with feel at ease and are so good about teaching everyone the most optimum ways to care for their birds health all around.

Their knowledge has been a great benefit to many of the "novice" and "first time" bird owners that  I have referred to them for their "bird grooming needs".  

I feel very "blessed" to know that these individuals are able to provide such an amazing service in such a fabulous(door to door) way! Bravo!!!

TL Anderson
Orange City, FL

What a wonderful and long overdue service! 

I was pleasantly surprised that Paula and Brian were willing to make the trip to my home in Eustis to groom my five birds. They were professional, compassionate and very knowledgeable.  Typically, a trip to the bird groomer is a long and stressful event for my flock.  After their grooming session at home, they "recovered" much more quickly and were less traumitized by it all! 

I would highly recommend these kind professionals to anyone who treasures their bird(s).  I plan on using their bird sitting service and will definitely continue using their grooming service. 

Leslie Schlachter
Eustis, FL

Hi Paula, wanted to thank you and Brian for the great service last weekend, my birds look very nice. Spot has come around nicely, and seems to be doing quite well.  Not only is she running around the cage,  but she is playing with her toys, and I have never seen this bird so much as touch a toy before this. I don't know what's going on with her, but I like it.  Max is sitting on my hand as I sit here and type this, seems quite interested. I feel your service is very professional, and I don't get the feeling that you are rushing in and out, you really take time with each bird, and would like to continue to use your services in the future. 

John Peet
Sarasota, FL

Several years ago, I needed a groomer to come to me and groom my parrot Paco. I found Paula, and she has been a good friend to me and Paco. I was seriously ill,
and spent a half year in the hospital and recovering  in a nursing home. Paula took Paco, and cared for him for all that time. Friends like that are not easy to find. Paco
and I were very lucky to find Paula. She is one-in-a-million.

Kissimmee, FL

"I met Paula few months ago at the Orlando Bird Show.  She and her assistant Brian came to my place several times since then to groom my 5 parrots (now 10!!!!), and it was an awesome experience!!!!!  Not only she's a expert groomer but also she's an expert on parrot behavior and training.  I have an African grey who is a serious biter, but once she got hold of him, he acted as if he knew her for years!!!!  She's very knowledgeable and informative about all different types of parrots, and she's a true "Bird Lady" and animal lover. And most important, she cares about the birds regardless whom they belong to. Her fee is more than reasonable, and it is very convenient to have her come to my home to take care of "my 10 children" instead of taking them to a vet or bird store for grooming.  It's less stressful on me and most important, it's less stressful on the birds.  I would highly recommend her to any bird owner."

Jay Chun

For all you customers of Miss Paula and soon to be customers as well,
My African Grey, Bub is 31 years old and has led an interesting and wonderful life.  He has out lived his two previous owners, and now is being spoiled rotten by myself.  I have now had Bub for 18 years and have tried, and been let down by alot of groomers.  Most of them have never been called for a second visit. 
When I discovered Paula, we were in a parking lot and we saw the advertisement on the side of her vehicle, and my husband went up and asked for a card.  We had just lost our groomer of three years because she moved out of town.  When we called Paula and she came out to our home ... I think it was love at first sight (Bub was right at ease with them.)  He didn't sqauwk, yell or anything, in fact as she was trimming him, he laid back and talked with her, like she was an old friend.  She was so gentle and caring with him and completely checked him over from his feathers, feet, beak and head. 
I feel that Paula was a Godsend to us.  Bub no longer fights getting groomed and I'm at ease and very thankful to have her in our lives.
Thank you Miss Paula

DeLand, FL

Connor, my conure, wouldn’t come out of his cage for two days after a wing and nail visit to my vet.  I changed vets but pretty soon I was running out of vets in my area.  Then someone told me about Paula, and my worries were over.   Paula, with her perfect birdie voice set Connor at ease immediately and afterwards Connor was happily playing with his buddy Misty.  Misty immediately went to Paula for her wing and nails which normally she wouldn’t do without a good welcome bite first!. 

Recently Louie came to live with us, Louie is an AG and I was told by his previous mum that he would scream “blue murder”  whenever he had to have his nails clipped.  They didn’t have Paula the bird lady doing it!    I told Paula about Louie’s fear and she spent time with him and spoke with him to put him at ease.  Afterwards Louie was sat in his tree perch whistling his favorite tune.

Paula will always be my wing and nail lady.   Paula does a great job and my fids have no stress afterwards. I have the convenience of being able to have my fids done at the same time.  No numerous drives to the vets office and having to sit in a waiting room with fids in a carrier they don't want to be in.   Whilst they wait for Paula they can play happily in the environment they are used to and I can clean floors :-).  

Lake Mary, FL

In our family...there are 2 humans, 3 felines and 3 feathered friends! Our feline and bird members are our children and we only want the best for them. We are very fortunate to have found Paula and her fantastic bird grooming team! They are professionaland personable and make grooming as unstressful as possible by coming right to our home! Paula and her team do a thorough job and are always helpful with any issues that we might have concerning bird care. The prices are very fact, I think this is one of the best deals going! We would highly recommend Paula and her mobile grooming team to anyone with birds, from breeders to enthusiasts..from a one bird situation to an entire flock. Paula is simply the best!

Laura & Lou

My name is Shelly. I started out with 2 Blue and Gold Macaws. I wanted  to let everyone know what terriffic,  professional, and nice people Paula and her partner are. I met them at a Parrots in the Park gathering in February in Palm Coast. I found out what she and Brian do for a living. It was like an answer to my prayers. I had to get my birds clipped and their nails done. The fantastic thing about it is they came right to my house. I didn't even know that kind of thing existed. Since I had my one bird done it has been so great, it took so much stress off of me and the bird. He was flying all over the house and getting into everything.
Paula had asked me if I wanted to adopt another Blue and Gold. I said we could try it. Turns out this bird is so wonderful, sweet and loving. We have bonded very well so far and I just love her. Now we have 3 beautiful babys. I will definitely call on Paula when I need my birds clipped.

Shelly Bailor

“Grooming can be a stressful experience for some birds, which is why I think the service Paula provides is so valuable. By coming to you, the additional stress of an unfamiliar environment is eliminated—not to mention that it's extremely convenient. On top of that, she does a fantastic job with such a delicate procedure.”

J.G. Pasterjak
With Parrots In The Park

Just a note to tell everyone how great the Moblle Bird Grooming service is. I have used Paula, the “Birdlady" for years now. 

I have three birds, one quite elderly and sick. I used to take them to a bird groomer, but boxing them all up, loading and unloading, worrying about them getting out of the box and taking off was just too much for me, and them. 

I found Paula, the "Birdlady", a few years ago, and she saved us all. I have zero stress, and the birds love her. She comes to my home, clips their wings, nails and beaks and they never have to leave the security of their home. NO boxing nightmares. NO danger of flying off or getting too stressed on the trip. They seemed very comfortable with her the first day, now they love her. 

She does as much, or as little as I feel they need done. She has redone the cages for me, and educated me regarding foods and treats that are safe for them. My oldest bird is 25 and has liver failure, had I known Paula back then, I would have known what food not to feed him. 

She has also helped find toys they finally play with. NO DOUBT that lady knows her stuff.  

So thank you Paula, you have made their life far more pleasant, and mine too. 

Sandy Lawson
Casselberry, Florida

Ever since finding Miss Paula and her assistant Brian, at Mobile Bird Grooming, it is the only way I have my birds' nail clipping done. Miss Paula and Brian's professional and calm nature keeps my birds at ease while they are being handled and clipped. Mobile Bird Grooming makes a point to sanitize all equipment before use, and even in between birds! I have noticed at any store I used to go to, equipment just lays out on the counter and is used  without cleaning. Miss Paula even changes towels which are used for handling between birds, and both she and Brian wash their hands before and during the process. If you figure in the amount of stress to your birds by taking them out of your home, time to drive someplace and back, cost of gas, etc., Miss Paula's rates are more than fair, in fact, a great bargain. I have birds ranging from tiny sensitive softbills, to medium and large parrots. They handle all with care and a loving touch. They keep all the necessary emergency needs on hand also, like styptic powder. Having small birds that you normally do not handle,brought up close for inspection, can be a lifesaver. Miss Paula can notice things such as air sac mites in canaries, or if your bird is too thin by feeling it's keel. Something you may not notice, which can then be addressed by you and your avian veterinarian. I give Mobile Bird Grooming a big thumbs up and A+ rating.

Carole Jurrens
Orlando, FL

Paula is fantastic! She is prompt, and professional, while being warm and caring during the entire grooming process. She genuinely cares about the birds, and gets to know their individual personalities. Her handling techniques are superb. She evaluates their overall condition, as well as trimming their beaks, nails and clipping their wings, always with care and respect to the pet's comfort. She is very knowledgeable. Her years of experience, as well as patient and nurturing nature, make us as owners, feel very comfortable as well. The ease and convenience of having our Blue & Gold Macaw groomed at home, reduces stress on our bird, and on us, not having to transport her. If you are looking for a Bird Groomer, you will not find a better one or a more caring and loving one than Paula!

Whether you are a first time bird owner or a seasoned bird lover, you will love Paula, she is the best! 

Allison Stewart
Macaw Owner

"Like many, I worry easily about the health and safety of my bird "family".  I own 4 parrots ranging from a small green cheek conure all the way to an orange winged amazon and it was always such an event trying to get them prepared for grooming, not to mention the terrible stress it would cause on the birds.  Luckily I met Paula and her staff at the Exotic Bird Expo in Orlando 2 years ago and cannot recommend them enough for anyone looking to have their birds groomed from the comfort of their own home.  First and foremost I completely trust Mobile Bird Grooming and that has always been my main hangup with anything dealing with my parrots.  They treat and love my birds like they were their own.  They also take the time to get to know the birds and how to calm their fears.  Very importantly they are very clean and always provide a sterile, safe environment for my birds.  If you need someone that is flexible, trustworthy, clean and dependable for your bird's grooming needs,  then look no further than Mobile Bird Grooming!"

Chad Weeks

"The absolute BEST decision I ever made regarding the care of my birds! Paula and her staff are absolute professionals from start to finish. They have excellent knowledge of the birds, and how to properly handle them, without causing undue stress to them, or me for that matter...

I would highly recommend Mobile Bird Grooming to EVERY bird owner I know"

Jeff McLain
Orlando, FL

If it had not been for Paula, I still wonder if my lil' quaker parrot would have ever come out of his cage......he was a baby when I bought him from a local pet store, and from the day I brought him home he would bite me!... Every time I tried to take him out of his cage he would have nothing to do with me!!... So I gave up and lil' Ricki seemed doomed to never coming out .....

Several months went by and it was time to have him groomed..... I found Paula's ad on Craigslist and was delighted to find that she would come to my home....that was great news since I was afraid of my own bird and could not get him out of the cage!....much less in a car!!

Paula and her team came as scheduled and groomed the bird.....I told her of my situation with Ricki and she spent an hour with me ....teaching me how to approach Ricki.....once out of the cage, he was a doll!.... Paula gave me the confidence and knowledge I needed to bond with my bird.... I highly recommend Paula / Mobile Bird Grooming to anyone that not only needs the grooming services, but for her expertise in showing me how to have a real relationship with my bird!.....

Sandy Lemonds, Sorrento, Florida.

"What a delight to be able to have my birds groomed in their own comfort zone. No more stress on the birds or me.

The groomers were very knowledgeable and their attentiveness to cleanliness and the birds’ own comfort was excellent."

Buddy and Marlene Judah

" I am so glad that I decided to call Mobile Bird Grooming. I have two Macaws, each with special needs, (one is very anti-social and doesn't like to be touched much less groomed). From the moment Paula and her assistant Melissa came in, it only took them several minutes to establish a rapport with the birds. They are true "bird people". They gently and competently handled my birds beaks, toenails and wings. The birds hardly seemed to mind! What a difference having them come to you, rather than having to pack the birds up and drive them somewhere to be groomed. Their prices are very reasonable. I highly recommend them to anyone! This is such an awesome service, by such nice people. You and your bird will love them!"

Peri Sedigh

"I had just been given a Quaker from friends who couldn't keep up with all their pets. He was mean and loud. I found "The Bird Lady" on Craigslist and she e-mailed me right away. Paula was very easy to schedule with and was graciously able to change my appointment when needed. It was so nice to not have to drive anywhere and stress the poor bird (& myself). She came right to my door with an assistant and they did an amazing job.

We had my birds wings clipped and nails trimmed. She showed me how to handle him and talk to him. WOW! What a difference in that bird, from a "devil" bird to a sweetheart. He now sits on my shoulder and grooms me. She showed me how to handle my Lovebirds that haven't been tamed. They don't run from me now. I will definitely use Paula again! She made such a difference, above and beyond just grooming."

Sandy, Davenport

"I have to say I was a little worried because my Cockatiel had not had his wings cut in a while, but Paula and Melissa were great with him! They are very professional looking when they come to your home and they have that special touch when it comes to birds. I really believe it is much easier on the little guys when they are done in their own environment, not so stressed out! Keep up the good work and thank you very much!"

Sue Jones