When transporting your birds is simply too difficult or too stressful, give us a call at 407-459-5948


Will groom all sizes and species of domesticated birds.

Available in Orlando and surrounding area.

Mobile Bird Groomers are diversifying our efforts to please and meet the needs of our clients.

We are designing toys and we specialize in toys at reasonable prices! We specialize in shredding toys. Many birds pick or pluck their feathers, and a shredder toy can help decrease the attention on plucking feathers while encouraging the plucking or shredding toys instead. Please contact us with inquiries.

Grooming of your birds is done in the comfort and stress-free environment of your own home, with safe and sterile techniques.

We have over 18 years of experience with wing, nail and beak trimming.

We want your birdie business! Mobile Bird Grooming comes to your home to groom,  while providing the utmost comfort to your birds.

We can do nails, wings, and/or beak. DNA testing for sex is also available.

Reduce stress on you and your birds by having in-home experienced avian grooming.

Sanitary practices. All sizes, species, and temperments (birds, that is!) Available weekends too.